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Our Approach

Our Approach:  Trust and Communication

For over 30 years our Applied EQ Services team has been wrangling all types of projects, across both corporate roles and consultancy contracts. We have been successfully delivering solutions, products and services ranging from ICT deployments, to digital transformations and telecommunication services, intelligent technology developments, business re-engineering and enterprise events for a broad range of large, complex enterprise customers across EMEA, APAC & NCSA. This extensive experience has always been founded on an ethic of positive collaboration, innovative solutions, and strong professional practice.

Underpinning the success of project delivery across every range of project remains: people and teamwork.

Project Management is something like the orchestra conductor preparing for a public concert. The score is pre-published, although especially with those new contemporary soundtracks, there's always plenty of scope to question interpretation and style. Each player is looking at their own part for their particular instrument, interpreting it based on their own experience and their own skill. Coordination, timing and alignment are fundamental to performance. Sometimes you get to work with the most skilled players, but as every school concert demonstrates, conducting can also mean just working with the talent that's available. The concert tickets have already been pre-sold so there's no slipping the deadline, just extra effort and the shared investment in a quality performance. And finally there's the concert itself, delivering a standard of performance the audience expects, a sound the orchestra can be proud of and an inspiring experience of the composer's score.

Working with Project Managers and project teams gives our Applied EQ Consultants an opportunity:

  • to act as mentor and coach and teacher for PMs who are developing and refining their skills.

  • to engage and contribute to a friendly, easy, connection with like-minded professionals who are developing their practice and building their skills.

  • to share those often practical insights and often amusing anecdotes , that project management professionals across every region or industry can relate to and engage with and apply.

  • to empathise and relate and connect with those real world challenges like the untenable project parameters, kooky clients and dysfunctional operations.

  • to bring a rounded, emotionally intelligent and highly experienced perspective to the project team.

Interested in developing your Project Management performance and developing Your Project Leadership skills? Contact Applied EQ Services to discuss bespoke online coaching, mentoring and consultancy services.


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