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We are the proud local contact for smartR AI,   Delivering smart AI solutions across ANZ and APAC using expert program management to unlock the value in your data, complete your digital transformation and close that digital divide  


With smartR AI we support clients setting-up their AI workbench, establishing their AI workshop or building out their AI factory.  We add emotional maturity to best practice program delivery and the state-of-the-art smartR AI product. 

What We



With collaborative Discovery, Development and Support steps, SmartR AI is delivered locally by Applied EQ Services to help every enterprise exec set up their AI workbench or build out their AI workshop or run their AI factory.   



After initial discussions, demonstrations and qualification, a dedicated Discovery workshop is arranged to review the opportunities and the challenges for AI applications within the organisation. We’ll establish and document Requirements, Deliverables, Schedules and Budgets. 



When the AI solution is ready for prime-time performance (on the workbench, in workshop or across your AI factory) we’ll provide Peace of mind Optional support services, we'll answeri question and providing expert responses with a Quarterly Newsletter to keep up on advances in AI.



Its important to understand the risks and challenges for AI adoption across the organisation before jumping to a solution. With good project management and involvement of stakeholders, we help enterprise executive implement AI securely and effectively using private LLMs, the safest way to deploy responsible AI agents. 



When Discovery is complete, and the plan is in place then we’ll start the Development, completing necessary Customisation, adding any new feature requirements and Integrating the application with existing systems and way of working.  Then we’ll debug and verify performance.

Product Features: Private MyGPT

Your private MyGPT engine sourced from smartR AI, is built by an expert team of highly qualified data scientists and AI specialists.  Typically integrated locally in about a month with 100hrs of complementary specialist services, your AI engine lives inside your own ecosystem

Sovereign Privacy and Security:
100% Ownership and Control by you (the private enterprise).

Super Search:
Operating on structured and unstructured data (image search in beta).

Superior Data Analysis:
Backed with an outputs explanation ledger (no phantom sorcery).

Strong Data Harvester:
Running ESG compliant automated extraction and clean-up. 

Simple Report Writer:
Using templates & corporate compliant standards.


Nigel Morris-Cotterill 
Chairman: The Financial Crime Forum. 

I've just had a long discussion (the sort where I start off with "I know nothing, explain it to me") with ...  Smartr . So nice to find a company that says "tell us your problem and we'll build a model" instead of "this is what we do, now let's change you";

one that doesn't build its models based on data from e.g. hashtag#ChatGPT ; and

 one that openly says "older technology is easier, cheaper and more effective for many applications."

I especially like the "job first, then tech" approach.


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