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Adding emotional intelligence (EQ) to best practice program delivery.

If you're not adding value, you're adding cost.


We help professional Project Managers use their emotional intelligence to fulfil project goals and achieve outcomes that add value.


We optimise skill sets and deliver a sense of assurance for Project Managers to confidently conduct the "orchestra" for their own projects. 

Our Services

Project Management & Project Delivery Consulting

AEQ Services offers services by the hour or by engagement, giving you the best parts of our extensive experience and expertise tailored to your needs.  





PMO Coaching Services

Concerned about the performance of your project management operations?


Doubting the quality of some processes or practices, or questioning the standard of skills & tools?



PMO Team Coaching

from $US 1,000 per month* 

  • Baseline Review and Gaps Report

  • Group & 1:1 Sessions per month (typically)

  • Shared Workspace based Team Mentoring

  • Access to Best Practice Tools & Methods

* Excluding service taxes


1-to-1 Skill Coaching 

Are communications & video calls with project stakeholders ineffective?  


Is it too hard to "Herd the Cats" so that they will take ownership of actions & deliverables?



1-to-1 Skill Coaching

from $US 110 per hour* 

  • Discovery Workshop and Report

  • Standard Project Management Plan

  • Shared Workspace based Team Mentoring

  • Access to Best Practice Tools & Methods

* Excluding service taxes


Leadership Coaching & Mentoring Services

Where do you start when funding is approved, the agreement is signed and the order is being processed?

How do you deliver well & demonstrate your promised reputation?


Leadership Coaching

from $US 850 per day*

  • Delivery Process Review and  Qualification

  • Plan Development & Validation

  • Shared Workspace based Governance

  • Access to Best Practice Tools & Methods

* Excluding service taxes

Our Lead Consultants

We're a positive, supportive and experienced team with a passion for service quality and professional project management performance in the modern, digital world.

Steve Hansen


A senior program management consultant with extensive experience delivering successful digital information and communications services, intelligent technology developments, & business re-engineering for a range of large, complex enterprise customers across EMEA, APAC & NCSA through positive collaboration, innovative solutions, and strong professional practice. For over 20 years Steve has been directing, managing and coaching project teams on the successful delivery of digital solutions and business value. He has worked with some of the largest companies in the world including Google, Unilever, and Airbus as well as Caterpillar, NTT, and Vodafone. Having trained initially and practised as an structural engineer in New Zealand, Steve developed a passion for professional project management inspired to see new product and service based solutions successfully delivered and valued by their end customers. Whether its in Silicon Valley, London, Toulouse, Sydney or Istanbul, Steve provides bespoke program management services and deep project coaching experience. In the last year Steve has worked with a large remote team of professional PMs wrangling the delivery global IT projects and providing coaching and training.

Emma Charles


A positive, engaging and team-oriented consultant with a background in professional classical music performance. Experienced working in international environments, including helping to strengthen parliamentary democracy and relationships across the Commonwealth. Skilled in project operations and excellence in administration skills, confident communicator, strong time management and commitment to positive performance. Specialising in events management and highly skilled in the communications, presentation and the performance skills essential for the project manager. Helping PMs to tell their story and present themselves with impact. Having initially trained as an opera singer at the Royal Welsh, Emma developed a passion for event management, project communications and presentation. Whether its in Europe, Asia / Pacific or the America's Emma consistently delivers bespoke training and coaching in the performance of event and project management services. Enabling PMs in the corporate or enterprise to communicate with effect and with impact. She intuitively knows how people should present and listen and tell their story. This provides a unique facility to help PMs enhance their emotional intelligence, build their leadership effectiveness and develop the gravitas required for team communications, stakeholder presentation and performance success.

Some of our Satisfied Clients

Over the past 20+ years our AEQ Services team have directed, managed, delivered and supported projects and project teams across all regions of the globe for a wide range of commercial and non-profit enterprises and public sector organisations ranging from Top 50, Tier 1 clients to SME startups including:
"After a long collaboration across four different companies, in a voyage that has been truly extraordinary I want to assure you of my deep appreciation for the work you did ."

Patrick Faure; SVP; Global Services Organisation

AVASO Technology Solutions


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Applied EQ Services 

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Tel: +44.750.589.6686

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